Thursday, June 22nd 2023
16:00 - 19:00 CEST

Medical device manufacturers must aim to innovate solutions that address sustainability concerns, while also achieving their primary goal: to maximize patient treatment, physicians’ comfort, maximize workflow and minimize the risk of infection.
During this year’s Hygiene Event, key experts will dive into the topic of sustainability, taking a closer look at how the field of endoscopy can balance environmental concerns with innovative solutions. Will you join us in this important discussion?


Event - Hygiene and Sustainability in Endoscopy – finding the balance
4:00 PM
Welcome & Introduction
How to become sustainable
4:10 PM
Why should we care about green endoscopy?
4:20 PM
The current ESGE / ESGENA position statement, and a global outlook
4:35 PM
The role of Power of Choice in daily routines: reusable / semi-disposable / single-use solutions
4:50 PM
Panel discussion
5:20 PM
Minimising the risk of infection in reprocessing
5:25 PM
Key role of Manual Cleaning
5:40 PM
Importance of training
5:55 PM
Panel discussion
6:05 PM
Smart and sustainable innovations in reprocessing
6:10 PM
Bringing automation to the reprocessing cycle
6:20 PM
First hand experience with the newest innovations: automated cleaning, drying and storage
6:40 PM
Beyond GI: Innovation of disinfection for non-channel endoscopes
6:50 PM
Question & Answer session
7:00 PM
Time Zone: (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam [Change Time Zone]


Ulrike Beilenhoff
Ulrike Beilenhoff
ESGENA Scientific Secretary
Ulm, Germany
Prof. Raf Bisschops
Prof. Raf Bisschops
UZ Leuven
Leuven, Belgium
Dr. Guido van den Broek
Dr. Guido van den Broek
ENT specialist / head-neck surgeon
Radboud UMC
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Prof. Marco Bruno
Prof. Marco Bruno
Head of the Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Erasmus Medical Center, University Medical Center Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Paul J. Caesar
Paul J. Caesar
Head of Hygiene, Infection Control and Reprocessing
PENTAX Medical
Ingmar de Gooijer
Ingmar de Gooijer
Dr. Stephane Koch
Dr. Stephane Koch
Head of the Department of Gastroenterology
CHU Besançon
Besançon, France
Prof. Heiko Pohl
Prof. Heiko Pohl
Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Vermont, USA
Prof. Shaji Sebastian
Prof. Shaji Sebastian
Consultant Gastroenterologist
IBD Unit, Hull University Teaching Hospitals
Hull, United Kingdom